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Handmade in Sitka, Alaska

Sweet Sisters  Caramels

Our Caramels

Hand crafted with love

Sweet Sister Caramels makes small batch, soft, buttery, melt-in-your mouth caramels in Sitka, Alaska.  We have three flavors: Classic, Salted & Spicy, we also have specialty flavors throughout the year.  All of our caramels are made in small batches, hand stirred.  We pour the caramel, cut the caramels and hand wrap each one before packaging into perfect little boxes.  

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Sweet Sisters


Sweet Sisters Caramels is a family owned & operated business in Sitka, Alaska. Our family has been in Sitka for nearly 30 years and for over a decade we have been making caramels for our family & friends. When we make a batch of caramels, we come together as a family & hand wrap each one. It is the time wrapping caramels that allows us to slow down & talk about our day. Although the name is sometimes a bit ironic, Greta & Lydia were the inspiration and they are the true 'Sweet Sisters'.

"One Caramel makes all the difference!"

-Lydia, age 8, when learning how to weigh caramel boxes

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We love hearing from our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional product made with simple ingredients. We may be thousands of miles from where you enjoy Sweet Sisters Caramels, but we would love to hear from you.  Please, stay in touch!

~ The Suminski Family

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